Ursula's Return Illumineer's Trove [Lorcana]

Ursula's Return Illumineer's Trove [Lorcana]

Ursula's Return Illumineer's Trove [Lorcana]

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The ultimate treasure for both collectors and players, the Illumineer’s Trove includes a full-art storage box with 6 ink-themed card dividers to keep your Disney Lorcana TCG cards safe and organized.
The Illumineer’s Trove includes 8 randomized booster packs and helps keep track of character and location damage with 6 high-quality dice featuring a magical ink appearance with gold printed numbers. Finally, the distinctive spin-dial lore counter makes it easy to mark your progress toward victory!

• 1 card storage box
• 6 card dividers
• 8 booster packs of 12 additional game cards each
• 6 damage-counter dice
• 1 lore counter