Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Prerelease Kit

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    Available for pickup starting 9/17/21


    • 6 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Boosters
    • 1 foil-stamped R/M card from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
    • 1 Spindown life counter
    • 1 deck box
    • 1 MTG Arena code card

    Get your first taste of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and sink your teeth into a gothic horror set overrun with werewolves, warlocks, and spooky mechanics.


    Each Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster contains at least two double-faced cards, with a total of 15 Magic cards, 1 token or ad card, and 1 Helper card—1 Rare or Mythic Rare, 3 Uncommons, 10 Commons, and 1 Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Land card. A double- or single-faced traditional foil card of any rarity replaces a Common in 33% of boosters.


    Just draft, add lands, and let the hunt begin!

      - $25.00

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