Forest (#258)
[Secret Lair Drop ]

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    Set: Secret Lair Drop
    Type: Basic Land — Forest
    Rarity: Rare
    This card's name is Forest. Basic is its supertype, land is its card type, and Forest is its subtype. A deck may contain any number of basic land cards with the same name. You may play this card during a main phase of your turn while the stack is empty and you have priority. You may not play this card if it is not your turn or if you do not have any land plays remaining. While on the battlefield, this card is a basic Forest permanent. Because it has the subtype Forest, this permanent has the intrinsic mana ability "{T}: Add {G}." This ability can be activated any time you have priority or are prompted to pay mana, but only while Forest is on the battlefield. To activate it, pay its cost, {T}. (The {T} symbol denotes tapping a permanent by rotating it 90 degrees. It is then tapped, and it cannot be tapped again until it is untapped.) Once the cost is paid, you add one white mana (denoted by the {G} symbol), which may then be spent immediately or left unspent for later use. As each phase or step of a turn ends, you lose any remaining unspent mana.

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