Youmacon, TCGs, and You

Y champs

This year, Gamer’s Gauntlet is extremely proud to serve as your host and event organizer for all TCG events at Youmacon!

Here is a link to all the events we are running.

Quick Details

Youmacon 2018 runs continuously from Thursday, November 2nd at 8 pm to Sunday November 5th at 6 pm. It stretches from the Renaissance Center to Cobo Center, and features approximately a zillion things to do, see, and experience. Hotels in the immediate vicinity are probably already booked, but there are still great places outside Detroit to stay. Weekend passes are $65.

Why Youmacon?

So, you might be wondering “Why is Gamer’s Gauntlet involved with Youmacon at all? Isn’t that mostly an anime cosplay festival or something?” The truth is that Youmacon is many things to many people. The reality is that it’s a chance to get together with a bunch of people who share your passions, whether they be video games, tabletop games, anime, cosplay, or geek culture in general! There’s an incredible array of events, and you can browse all the fun at using the bar at the top of the page.

But before we dive in, we’ve got to clear up something important – how to get in on the fun. You can either purchase a badge for the entirety of Youmacon, or you can just get a one-day wristband to the tabletop room only $5.  The wristband is good for Saturday only and all of our most attractive events will be that day as well.  You can get the wristband by heading to the GM Renaissance Center’s Ambassador Ballroom, where our events will be held.

Now let’s get to the details!

On Demand Gaming

There are two types of tabletop events at Youmacon, ones that begin at a specified time, and ones that fire on-demand. On-demand events are awesome because they fit into a tight schedule and you can still win a great prize.

Scheduled Events

There are a crazy number of scheduled events going on all weekend. You are highly encouraged to browse the previous link and do a little planning before the event. Some of our TCG events are extra special in that they offer bigger prizes, including a Standard Magic Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier; Our Youmacon Championship series returns again this year with events for Magic Modern, Pokemon TCG, Final Fantasy TCG, YuGiOh, Dragon Ball Super, and Transformers TCG.  We have a list of all our Trading Card Game event offerings here.

There’s More

Even with all the TCG events we’re running over the weekend, that’s just a small sample of the stuff you can do at Youmacon. There are guest panels from your favorite media, a dealer room with an incredible array of wares for sale, a cosplay masquerade/contest, a HUGE party on Saturday night, a video game room with its own contests of skill, or you could just hang around and watch the crazy crowd go by!

So whether you’re into anime, CCGs, Halloween, video games, arts and crafts, or just large crowds of happy people, there’s something for you at Youmacon this year. Be sure to stop by the GG booth in the tabletop room and say hi while you’re there!