Warmahordes Pick Your Poison Steamroller

Warmahordes Pick Your Poison Steamroller

Saturday, January 30th, 2016
Registration noon, dice roll at 12:30

Entry: $10

Format: 35pt Steamroller

2 lists required. (The enforcement to play each list once is waived; see below.)

Death Clocks (Remember, only 42 minutes for 35 pts!)

At the beginning of each round, after scenario has been announced, players show their army lists to their opponent as usual. However, instead of choosing which list you will use, you choose which list your opponent uses! Do you really not want to stare down Haley2? Denny1? Butcher3? Wold War?

Runes of War? You don’t have to! Just remember, your opponent can do the same thing back to you…

Prizes: Store credit based on attendance. 1st, 2nd, 3rd (if 10+ players), Kicked Bodger (last place, $10).

Random prize drawing for anyone who brings a fully painted army list! (1 entry to the drawing per list!)