Vayseth Verbatim – August Roundup

Hello Smashers, Vayseth back again with a tournament report for August. August was a big month for us! If you didn’t get through the novel that was last month’s blog post I do not blame you. This month’s will be quick and to the point. Last month I wrote about the big changes that were coming to the Gamer’s Gauntlet Smash Series and we got to see the effects of those changes. I must say, except for a few issues, the changes were overall extremely positive! Looks like Vayseth and Dogma are figuring out this TO’ing thing.

Top Three from the first No B Button Event!

Top 3 From the No B Button Event, left to right: Amiibo King, Smasher1001, LouRich


First let’s start with Smash 4. Smash 4 had a very average turnout with 63 unique entrants and 11 set ups. What was a huge success was the No B Button Allowed tournament where we got even more entrants than ever before with 35 players! What was the No B Button Allowed tournament? The games play out exactly the same as normal singles tournaments except for two key differences: there is a radically different stage list where every stage was a walk off stage and the B Button is Banned from being used. Players altered their controls so that they were unable to select special moves while playing to allow this tournament to take place without anyone receiving a game loss.

The winner walked away with the coveted Mario Gamecube Controller exclusive to Japan and its Club Nintendo Rewards program. Our very own current points leader Smasher1001 took home the top prize. How fitting as he is actually a Mario main and really wanted the controller since the moment I announced it would be a prize. He really put in work and I am honestly glad it went to him. It was such a perfect fit. Great job Smasher!

The praise for Smasher1001 doesn’t end there either. His 2nd place finish in the Smash 4 Circuit event put him at the top of the standings, three points over the circuit series tyrant LOE1. LOE1 was absent for this tournament and it cost him the top slot. The rankings actually got shaken up across the board as many people who normally were in attendance were no-shows and veterans who took a few months off showed up to reclaim their slots in the top 16. It’s really anyone’s guess who the final top 16 will be (although I do not see Smasher1001 or LOE1 being eliminated from contention at this point.

Smash 4 Circuit Series Standings After Four Circuit Events:

  1. Smasher1001 (110 points)
  2. Pulse | LOE1 (107 points)
  3. $w@gnemite (84 points)
  4. JKBUK (83 points)
  5. Chris (81 points)
  6. Pulse | Technology (74 points)
  7. Nebula (73 points)
  8. Raichu4U (72 points)
  9. Swanky (72 points)
  10. Hyper Crasher (67 points)
  11. KC (65 points)
  12. WADDLE (65 points)
  13. Ksev (55 points)
  14. Mikey Lenetia (54 points)
  15. LouRich (53 points)
  16. Regralht (52 points)

I strongly believe anyone in ranked in the top 30 could steal a top slot very easily. Less than 20 points might be a difficult hill to climb but it isn’t unheard of. Four of the current top 16 players have only been to two events. It is not unreasonable that anyone can spike the next two or three tournaments and secure their spot in the top 16. I am eagerly awaiting what will change come September’s event.


Let me say that again…


Lain, winner of the PM All-Stars Event!

Lain, winner of the PM All-Stars Event!

Project M players promised the new change in format would make a difference and they were absolutely right. We had 54 unique entrants across PM and Melee and had around 20 set ups. This is far and away the biggest PM event we have ever hosted and are excited to see how much it can grow once everyone gets used to the new format. Since it was our first time doing this we expected a few bumps in the road and therefore the following changes are happening this month:

  • Fundraising events are canceled for PM Circuit Events. Instead, funding for the PM side of the circuit will come from a percentage of the PM Circuit Event pot every month through November.
  • Due to the canceling of one event, Melee will be moved to 4 pm as to avoid confusion about start times. Melee and Doubles will now also not overlap so the tournament should run more smoothly and run more quickly.

These changes are a result of feedback from the August event. Many people missed the Melee tournament because they did not see it posted clearly because it shared a line with PM Doubles. Many players also seemed to have no interest in crazy fundraising events but had no issue with using a percentage of the pot to help raise funds. These changes will take place starting in September and will end once we get to the championship in December.

PM Top 3, left to right: NoJ, tetraflora, JZ

PM Top 3, left to right: NoJ, tetraflora, JZ

JZ continues to dominate every circuit event we host. This tournament had the most entrants to date and probably one of the highest densities of serious players and yet JZ was able to pull out another win to stay on top clear of everyone else. Let’s take a look at the current standings as of August 31st:

  1. JZ (96 Points)
  2. Lain (78 Points)
  3. SupaDragonYoshi (77 Points)
  4. Samn (74 Points)
  5. Railz (62 Points)
  6. Tetraflora (56 Points)
  7. Daddy’s Kisses (40 Points)
  8. Yono (40 Points)
  9. NoJ (40 Points)
  10. Dirty Deeds (40 Points)

Anther (32 Points), Dogma (31 Points), Xtrooper (31 Points), Revy (31 Points), Food (30 Points) and Vizn (30 Points) are also very close from breaking into top 8. It will be quite hard for the top 4 to be booted out of December’s championship, but if they take off a few tournaments and the rest of the top 20 really work hard and get bracket points… it is not completely out of the question. We already have four different people tied for the bottom two spots in the tournament and they are really not that far off from 5th or 6th place either. This race seems possibly even more exciting than the Smash 4 championship rankings. I actually have no idea who will make up the final top 8.

Speaking about the championship, preparations are underway. Prizes for the championship are being ordered. Dates are being set. A new set up is being configured. A huge announcement for MI Smash is in the works as well. I wish I could tell you more but you’ll have to hold on! Preregistration for the championship will start on November 2nd so mark that in your calendars for now!