The GG Gift Registry

holiday GGGamers of the world, are you tired of asking for your favorite gaming products for the holidays, and getting socks instead? Friends and family of gamers, are you tired of having no clue what to buy for the gamer in your life? Do you know why that happens year after year? Here at Gamer’s Gauntlet, we know why.

The reality is that gaming and gaming stores can be confusing. When your friends or family walk into a gaming store, they might as well be walking into a store that sells equipment for quantum physicists! Who knew that dice could have more than six sides?

Enter our simple but effective solution, the GG Gift Registry. As a gamer, all you have to do is come into the store and fill out a simple form detailing what gifts you want, then tell your friends and family to go to GG to get your gifts. When you fill out the form, just be as specific as you would be with an employee, because we’ll be there to help the people you direct to the store!

So, to sum up the easiest way to get all the gaming gifts you want this season, come in, fill out of registry, and finally make sure to SHARE this post on social media to spread the word!