Monday Night Commander League Rules

League Structure

Gamer’s Gauntlet Commander League is a group tournament of six-week duration. All games are played on Mondays at 7 pm. League Points are awarded for gameplay actions. The Tournament Organizer can insert gap weeks at their discretion, typically for holidays where attendance is low.

 Tournament Structure

Each tournament operates in Swiss-style for two rounds. The 3-5 player pods are matched randomly for round one, and by League Points for round two. Each round has a two hour time limit. If game play has not concluded by the time limit, the pod has one additional turn cycle.

 Winners’ Circle

As the second round matches are set on the basis of points, the pod with the highest amount of first round winners or high scorers is the Winners’ Circle. Participants in this pod must use their same deck from round one. All other participants may change their deck selection.

 Prize Support

All prizes are awarded in store credit. Half of the entrance fees for each tournament are pooled for end of league payout. Prize support varies with overall attendance, but has been for the Top 10 performers by League Points in the past. The other half is awarded to the best performer of the night as determined by the Tournament Organizer, which is not necessarily gauged by League Points. Play for a night or play for a league, there are plenty of prizes.

 League Points

League Points are awarded for game play actions as proscribed in the League Score Sheet. They are how the GG CMDR League tracks progress within the league. They are intended to incentivize intriguing game states, and deck building creativity, and overall healthy group play, while presenting disincentives to group harmful game play.


Each deck may have up to a 10 card sideboard. Players make 1:1 substitutions after Commanders are announced at the start of the pod.


League uses the Two Headed Giant mulligan rule: each pod, each player has one free mulligan to a seven card hand. Further mulligans are handled as normal, i.e. six cards, then five cards.