RTG Cast ep 62 Everybody’s Fired

What Non-Magic events are going on at the store this month?

Who can’t eat sandwiches and podcast at the same time?

How much value did Varga get on his bus ride to the hotel?

All this and MORE in Episode 62 Everybody’s Fired

RTG Cast ep 61 – Mox Pearls for Everybody!

What place did Cato get at GP Toronto? Who went 2-2 in an 11 man tournament and didnt top 8?…

RTG Cast ep 60 – I’m Turning Japanese

RTG Cast Episode #59 – Bringing it Back

Episode #1 of our 3rd reboot of RTG cast! Featuring Chase, Cato, and Alex.

Stormspark Cast ep 8 Coffee for Everybody!

How was our last KMC ever? Did Gifts and Durand get to drink coffee? How many ways does Randolph love…