TCG List Service

***This article is written for Magic but also can be applied to lists for Pokemon and Yugioh with a few changes noted throughout.***

You just brewed up an awesome commander list or have a sweet Pioneer deck you want to try! However, you need a lot of cards to complete the deck. It’s okay, we are here to help with List Service.

We take lists via email every day of the week and it helps us manage our time by being able to pull cards when we are not actively helping a customer in the store. Additionally, it means you don’t need to mill about while we pull your list in person.  Thus keeping the store less congested and helping keep safe during in a Covid-19 world.


Important things to note with your list of cards:

-Please ensure that your list is finalized and doesn’t need adjustments.

Preferred set

-Is there only one printing of this card you want?

-Do you want whatever version is cheapest?


-Do you only want Near Mint? Light Play or better?

-Do you just want the cheapest option we have?  Do you need it tournament/sleeve playable?


-Sometimes with more popular cards we may only have Non-English versions of the card.  Let us know if this is acceptable.

-Some players, myself included, prefer Non-English cards to boring English cards.  If you have this preference just make sure you put that in your message.  I like the way Japanese cards look.  Russian is also popular.

Spending limit

-If you have a budget you don’t want to go beyond, we can pull from your list until we hit that number.

For reference, our base prices per rarity for Magic the Gathering is:

Commons start at 0.25
Uncommons start at 0.50
Rares and Mythics start at 1.00
We are generally near the TCG Mid price with our singles with some amount of rounding.

Once you have sent your list we will get to it as time permits and in the order of receipt.  We will contact you once we have completed your request and let you know if there were any cards we could not fill.  Do not arrive at the store until you get confirmation that your order is ready.

DISCLAIMER: While we may not be able to fill each list to completion, we consider you sending us a list your commitment to buy all cards that we have available. We do so to avoid having to reinsert cards into our sorting system. A process that costs us extraneous time and labor.

Lists will only be accepted in text form. Please DO NOT send images, screenshots, or links.

Email is preferred

Magic and Pokemon use:
Yugioh use this email:

Facebook message is also acceptable for Magic and Pokemon.

Thank you for doing your part to make the card buying experience safer and more efficient. We greatly appreciate your business.