Announcing the Gamer’s Gauntlet Championship Series Warmahordes edition! For 2016, all Steamroller tournaments held at GG will earn points toward a special, invitation-only Warmachine/Hordes tournament to determine the 2016 GGCS Champion! 8 players will qualify for the special championship tournament at the end of the year based on Tournament Points (TP) earned during the year. Much like in any Steamroller tournament, TP are earned by winning games. Standings will be kept throughout the year and will partially determine who qualifies for the championship. (Also similar to steamroller, ties in TP will be broken first by Control Points, then by Army Points destroyed.)

We say “partially” because each quarter, there will be one Gamer’s Gauntlet Quarterly Qualifier (GQ2) where the winner will earn an automatic bid to the championship! GQ2 tournaments will have a different format each quarter, and TP earned in a GQ2 tournament are doubled! In the case of a repeat winner in a GQ2 tournament, the next-highest finisher who hasn’t already qualified will receive the automatic bid.

The tentative schedule for GQ2 tournaments are as follows (dates and details will be announced once confirmed):

WINTER 2016:
Date: Late February
Format: Iron Gauntlet 2015

SPRING 2016:
Date: Memorial Day Weekend
Format: Hardcore 2015

SUMMER 2016:
Date: Late July/Before GenCon
Format: Champions 2016 (Details available after Lock & Load 2016)

FALL 2016:
Date: October
Format: Masters 2016

GGCS 2016 Finals:
Date: December
Format: TBD (Will be announced shortly after Steamroller 2016 is revealed at Lock & Load 2016)

8 players will be seeded based on the final GGCS standings (putting automatic bids into account) and placed into a single-elimination bracket. In the event that an invitee cannot attend the finals, invites will proceed down the standings.

Prizes for the GGCS finals are currently TBD, though entry is free for qualified players.