Curbside Pick-up

We are currently only offering curbside pickup, here is how to make you order!

Step 1 – Order

Simply place your orders and price inquiries with us via email, phone call, or facebook message.

Message us on Facebook
Phone: (586)412-6677 during business hours
Text Message: ‪(586) 840-8034‬

For TCG Singles orders follow the outline we’ve written up here.

For Yugioh singles orders, please send your email to
Sunee, our Yugioh singles vendor, will be on site on Thursdays and Saturdays.  This is when he will fill your orders.  Once he has filled your order he will contact you and let you know it is ready for pickup.  This can be done on any day of the week.

Step 2 – Confirmation & Payment

If you ordered single cards, we will contact you when your order is ready.  Then we can send a link for online payment with credit card or accept payment at the time of pickup.

Step 3 – Curbside Pickup

Stay with your car when you arrive to the store and call us at 586-412-6677 to let us know you are here for pickup.
Then please open your trunk or the back door/window on your vehicle.

We will then take your order out and place in your trunk or back seat.

Step 4 –  Enjoy

Crack those packs, roll those dice, shuffle up!

Also we have been hosting virtual tournaments using our discord server!  Its also a great place to keep social while we flatten the curve.  Join our discord server!

We appreciate your support in this difficult time for everyone.  Stay safe out there and game on.