Conspiracy 2 Take the Crown Launch Weekend

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The Conspiracy: Take the Crown set builds on the revolutionary abilities introduced in the original Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy set, with new cards that affect the draft itself and new conspiracies that twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favor. Seize the crown to give yourself a greater edge—if you can keep it.

This set is designed for eight-player drafts followed by free-for-all games of three to five players each.

$15 Entry

Friday 8/26 – On demand 8 player events. **
Saturday 8/27 @ 12:30pm
Saturday 8/27 @ 6:30pm
Sunday at 8/28 @ 1:00pm

Players will draft 3 Conspiracy: Take the Crown Boosters, build 40 card decks (we provide basic lands), and then play two multiplayer games in pods of 3 to 5 players.

Prize: One booster for each player eliminated and One to the last player standing in each pod.
** Except for On demand 8 player events where only one game will be played, but award Two boosters for each player eliminated and Two to the last player standing.


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