Commander – Blaspheming the Gods

Are you a Commander player? Are the gods of Theros bringing you down? Do you wish you could just be more like this guy? Well look no further! Today I’m offering some suggestions on what each color can do to best these indestructible menaces.

This may come as a shock, but the gods of Theros are kind of, sort of, pretty awesome. As generals, they are incredibly difficult to deal with. Any removal just bounces them to the Command Zone, and most decks don’t come packed with many exile spells for enchantments or creatures. If a god is being used as a general, the best removal is actually to tuck it.

If they aren’t being used as generals, our lives get a whole lot simpler. Suddenly, the exile spell you wanted to use is perfect! Let’s take a look and see what’s out there that can smite a god. I won’t be listing every single ability to remove a god from play in this piece, but I’ll try to provide a few decent options in each color.

NOTE: Some of these methods, unfortunately, will only reliably work if a player has active devotion to their god. If the player loses devotion, the gods are no longer creatures, and cannot be dealt with using many of these effects. For ease of reading, there is an asterisk next to the title of any cards that require the god to be a creature to be effective.


If you’re looking to beat gods, White has by far the most options.

Revoke Existence

revoke existence

Boom. Simple. 1W, sorcery, exile target god, or a troublesome artifact. Can’t do much better than that.








Silverchase Fox

silverchase foxOk, well, maybe you can. It could be a bear that exiles target god. Or rather… a fox. Don’t ask me what it says. It’s right there.








Swords to Plowshares*/Path to Exile*/Condemn*

swords to plowshares

path to exileGo away.








Hallowed Burial*/Terminus*/Condemn*

hallowed burialterminuscondemnTuck effects. A band-aid solution since they may come back eventually, but reasonable. Note that Condemn requires the creature to attack.

Unexpectedly Absent/Oblation

unexpectedly absentoblation

Nonland permanent Tuck effects – aka doesn’t require devotion.








Act of Authority/Oblivion Ring

act of authorityoblivion ingI prefer Act of Authority over Oblivion Ring simply because I can reuse it if need be, and it permanently exiles, whereas O-Ring is again, just a band-aid effect.






Some other options available in White include:

Erase, Devout Chaplain, Return to Dust, Wipe Clean, Banishing Stroke, Final Judgment*, Martyr’s Bond, Mangara of Corondor, but of these only Final Judgement and Martyr’s Bond are powerful enough to include in most decks.


Blue’s ability to exile permanents is not all that great. However, it does have plenty of counter-magic and bounce effects to keep things off the table. It also has some Turn effects that can change a god and make it more easily removable.

Capsize, Cyclonic Rift, Devastation Tide


devastation tide cyclonic riftAll three are powerful bounce effects, and provide versatility outside of just dealing with gods. Must haves if you’re playing Blue.


Turn to Frog*

turn to frogRequires devotion, but not a terrible way to make sure a god doesn’t do nasty things, at least temporarily. Follow this up with any kill spell, and no more god doing bad things to you.







Curse of the Swine*

curse of the swine This little piggy said… Get out of here Purphuros.








Void Stalker*

void stalker

A Blue tuck effect that comes with a body. Definitely not terrible.








Black’s best option is to cause a player to sacrifice their god, or use -1/-1 counters or effects. Unfortunately, most of black’s removal requires the god to be a creature.

Sudden Spoiling*

sudden spoilingI fail to understand how this card isn’t played in every deck that runs black. Split Second means that can’t do anything tricky before the effect happens, and it makes everything that player controls a 0/2 dork. Follow that up with a kill spell, and no more god.






Black Sun’s Zenith*/Mutilate*

black sun's zenith mutilateRequires devotion, but gets around the indestructibility of the gods. Very situational as god removal, but powerful when the opportunity presents itself and generally solid otherwise.





Ashes to Ashes*/Sever the Bloodline*

ashes to ashessever the bloodlineExile spot removal for black. Again, requires devotion. Sever the Bloodline has become especially powerful given the rules changes in M14 regarding Legendary permanents. Being able to potentially hit more than one of the same god with one spell is pretty powerful, and having flashback is just gravy.




{EDITOR’S NOTE: I wanted to throw out a special mention to one of my favorite underused Black cards, Oubliette It’s a Journey to Nowhere in a color that doesn’t really get this effect. Very effective in case your deck is mono black but wants more exiling power}


Sorry Red. Unfortunately, you got hosed when it comes to enchantment removal. There are a couple of options, but not many.

Chaos Warp

chaos warpAs far as cheap red “removal” for a god, this is about it. Shuffle it in, and hope they never see it again.







Warp World

warp worldA much more expensive Chaos Warp. Again, it boils down to spinning the wheel and praying.









Green, like White, has some of the best enchantment removal in the game. Unfortunately, not much of it exiles.

Fade into Antiquity

fade into antiquityThis is your best option in Green. 3 mana, exile target god. Or it can hit an artifact. Decently costed, strong effect.








If we widen our color options a bit, we suddenly have a much broader array of choices. Unfortunately since this is Commander, we’re limited to what our General’s color identity is. But because most players have multicolored decks, here are a few of our options:

turn burn shattergang brothers selesnya charm merciless eviction hide seek ashen rider


Colorless options are certainly available as well. Some perfect examples would be:

legacy weapon karn liberated duplicant brittle effigy all is dust
















Hopefully, this piece gives you some ideas on how to keep the Gods from getting you down! This certainly isn’t every answer available to gods, but it’s at least a start. The ability to exile gods may become even more important after Born of the Gods drops early next year. There are rumors of multicolored gods in the set, and they are sure to make a huge splash in the Commander scene!

Until next time,

– Mike

Twitter: @thegeneralisin