Covid Masking Guidelines

Covid Masking Guidelines


  • Shoppers: Those just stopping in to browse and possibly purchase are not required to mask. 
  • Sellers:  If you have a large amount of items to sell or trade-in we may ask you to wear a mask.  You can also submit a Magic buylist for preapproval right here on the website to expedite the process.
  • Players: Those utilizing our play area are required to mask and we ask that those masks remain on when shopping in-between rounds.  We also require proof of vaccination in our play area.

TCG Singles orders

For TCG singles purchases of 10 or more different cards, we really appreciate being able to prepare your order ahead of time
  • Our Magic inventory is already available right here. Try our Multi-Card Search where you can paste an entire deck for purchase.
  • Pokémon lists can be sent to: or via Facebook message
  • Yu-Gi-Oh our vendor's contact info and in-store hours are available here.
  • We will contact you when your order is ready! Do not arrive at the store until you have received confirmation that your singles order is complete.

    We have a store discord server with channels for all the games we offer. Its also a great place to socialize and to get the latest updates on new products, events, special offers and more. Join our discord server!

    We appreciate your support.  Stay safe out there and game on.