6/20 – ARG YGO State Championship

arg ygo

So you think you’re the best YGO player in Michigan? Then let’s see if you are come and prove it!

Time: Saturday, June 20th registration at 10:30 am, play begins at noon.

Format: Advanced Constructed, decklists are required. You can download a decklist here.

Entry: $20

Prizes: There is a guaranteed $1000 store credit in the prize pool.

1st Place: ARG 2015 Michigan Summer State Champion Playmat, Invite to ARG $25,000 National Championship, 50 ARGCS Points, $400 Store Credit

2nd Place: ARG Top 8 Playmat, Invite to ARG $25,000 National Championship, 25 ARGCS Points, $200 Store Credit

3rd-4th: Place ARG Top 8 Playmat, 20 ARGCS Points, $100 Store Credit

5th-8th: Place ARG Top 8 Playmat, 15 ARGCS Points, $50 Store Credit

9th-16th Place: 10 ARGCS Points

For a list of AlteRealtiyGames.com Summer State Championship locations please go here.

For more information or interested in hosting an event in your state email jim@alterealitygames.com

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