12/5 – Warmahordes “Future Masters” Steamroller


Time: Registration 11:30 am, dice roll Noon

Entry: $10

Format: 50 points, 2 lists required, Divide & Conquer 1, Death Clocks
See the full Masters rules here: http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/masters
NOTE: We will be using the January 2016 Active Duty Roster for this event, hence the “Future Masters”!

For reference, the warcasters/warlocks on the Jan16 Active Duty Roster are:
Cygnar: Stryker2, Caine2, Haley1, Nemo3
Protectorate: Kreoss2, Feora2, Severius1, High Reclaimer (1)
Khador: Vlad1, Sorscha1, Irusk2, Zerkova2
Cryx: Skarre2, Deneghra3, Goreshade3, Mortenebra
Mercenaries: Bart, Thexus, Durgen, Fiona
Retribution: Thyron, Rahn, Issyria, Vyros1
Convergence: Aurora, Axis, Lucant, Syntherion
Trollbloods: Borka1, Grissel1, Madrak2, Gunnbjorn
Circle: Kromac1, Baldur1, Mohsar, Krueger1
Skorne: Hexeris2, Makeda3, Zaal2, Morghoul1
Legion: Rhyas1, Vayl1, Lylyth2, Absylonia2
Minions: Helga, Arkadius, Rask, Calaban

Payout: Prizes for 1st-3rd, as well as a prize for best painted January 16 ADR warcaster/warlock!

Please contact Dan Hojnacki on Facebook with any questions, or post in the Facebook event!

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