X-Wing Assault on Imdaar Alpha Wave 4 Prerelease Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to play!

Final Standings

1st – Leroy Gutierrez (List below)

2nd – Brian Northman

3rd – Scott McKeighan

4th – Phil Kellogg

5th – Tony Weakland

6th – Matt Ciaramitro

7th – Teffera Kowalske

8th – Matt Berge


Leroy’s 1st Place Imperial List

Ship: Fire Spray

Pilot: Krassis Trelix

Upgrades: Heavy Laser Cannon, Shield Upgrade, Seismic Charge


Ship: Tie Bomber

Pilot: Captain Jonus

Upgrades: Swarm Tactics, Seismic Charge


Ship: Tie Bomber

Pilot: Gamma Squadron Pilot

Upgrades: Concussion Missile, Seismic Charge