Trying Out Commander

Today I am going to take a break from my usual competitive view on the game and take a walk on the wild side. I built my first EDH (Commander) deck! I am very excited about dipping my toe into this wild casual format.

I know that I am late to the party with regards to the format. So late, in fact, that Wizards has Commander listed as an official Casual format on their website. Most players, however, still regard the Elder Dragon Highlander page as the official EDH/Commander ruling body. I tried to take bits and pieces from both sites in constructing my deck.

My view on the format is that it is supposed to be fun. You should do things in deck construction and game-play that are fun for you to do. Personally, I like the black version of card advantage where you use your graveyard as a resource. This makes green and black obvious choices for my starting colors. I threw white in there because of my love of the Green/Black/White color combination.

I then had to decide on a general, and while there are many competitive and “spiky” generals out there (Doran, the Siege Tower, for instance), I want to have fun. Enter the eight-mana Centaur Lord… Spirit… Guy… Yeah…

Karador, Ghost Chieftain is pretty awesome. There’s no holding back now… behold! My first attempt at an EDH deck:

(Editor’s Note: Mega style points to Doug, who already knows that the more obscure the card, the cooler it is. Ancient Craving? Really? Even I had to look this one up!)

Okay, be gentle, I am a Commander virgin after all. I have no idea how this deck draws or plays, but I do know that I will likely have fun with it. I tried to put in quite a few mana sources and land cyclers/artifacts. Hopefully it’s enough to make it somewhat viable. Unlike most of my Magic playing, this deck is IRL only. If you see me at Gamer’s Gauntlet or elsewhere in Metro Detroit, I’d definitely be willing to play some EDH in between rounds if I have the time!

The first opening hand I drew with the deck contained Force of Nature AND Verdant Force. Even though I couldn’t cast either one, I think that seals the deal. This is the EDH deck for me.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to play a game of EDH with a couple of judges at a local tournament. It was a great game. They both had a wide variety of EDH decks at their disposal while I only had one.

Their chosen generals were Rakdos, Lord of Riots and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. Once the game got rolling, they both made some very interesting plays including Duplicant, Mimic Vat, Pestilence Demon. Also, both generals hit the battlefield at some point. The fun part was that they were primarily concerned with making sure that they didn’t lose to each other, so I just got to develop my board. At one point the Rakdos guy had taken himself down so low with Pestilence Demon that I was able to attack with Lotleth Troll, give it deathtouch, and he was dead. We were all a little surprised at that one.

But after the Rakdos player couldn’t wipe my board with Pestilence Demon anymore, I was able to easily overwhelm the Jarad player with my board full of wolves and Junk creatures. Crazily enough, though, he only needed a few more mana and like two turns to kill me with Jarad/Chameleon Colossus. Crazy!

The game was intense, wild, and at the same time laid back and relaxed. It was a lot of fun. I am now 1-0 in lifetime EDH games. I hope that all your EDH games are as fun as mine!