Speculation Challenge

Gamer’s Gauntlet Speculation Challenge


Dan Cato will be battling Travis Ladouceur in a Magic the Gathering Speculation Challenge!

Who understands the Magic the Gathering Singles market better?

Here are the ground rules:

  • * $1000 starting budget
  • * Each competitor may purchase any in stock card at SCG price (Near Mint Only). Competitor must Tweet with a screen shot at this time.
  • * Competitors may have no more than 20 copies of single card in our portfolio at one time.
  • * Competitors may sell any card in their portfolio based of lowest price + shipping on TCG Player. Competitor must Tweet with a screen shot at this time.
  • * When selling competitors pay a $0.50 fee per sale simulating shipping (cost of stamp and supplies)
  • * English cards only.
  • * #GGSpec and #TeamCato or #TeamTravis must be included with all Tweets.
  • * The game begins October 22nd and ends midnight January 31st.

Check back each week for written summaries from Dan and Travis and listen into discussion on Running the Gauntlet, our Magic the Gathering podcast.

About the Competitors:

Dan Cato @CatosaurusRex
Age: 30
Occupation: Da Boss
Hometown: Warren, MI
First Magic Purchase: 4th Edition 2 player set
Signature Card: Slith Firewalker
Magic Tournament Accomplishments: 9th PT New Orleans 2003, Michigan State Champ 2007 , Played on two other Pro Tours

Travis Ladouceur @Lad_Travis
Age: 27
Occupation: King Durdler
Hometown: Pleasant Ridge, MI
First Magic Purchase: Urza’s Saga White Precon
Signature Card: Cryptic Command
Magic Tournament Accomplishments:  2007 and 2008 Michigan State T8 Competitor, Grand Prix T64’s across all 3 constructed formats, Top 8’d more PTQ’s than Chase.


#GGSpec #MTGFinance #TeamTravis #TeamCato