SCG Game Night Tokens and Pins for July

piglet“There can be no mistake about it. A miracle has happened and a sign has occurred here on earth, right on our farm, and we have no ordinary pig token!”

“Edith, you better phone the reporter on the Weekly Chronicle and tell him about the SCG tokens and pins for July! There isn’t a token in the whole state as terrific as ours!”

“And when his audience grew bored, he would spring into the air and flourish his exclusive piglet pin. At this the crowd would yell and cheer. “How’s that for a pin?” Mr. Zuckerman would ask, well pleased with himself. “That pin is radiant.”

Well, finding a quote from Charlotte’s Web that fits with humble isn’t going to happen. These piglet tokens and pins are too cute to be humble, despite being low to the ground as far as animals go. Come in for our Thursday night Standard in July and you could take home one of these practically huggable piglets!*

*Note: No matter how many times you sleeve your piglet token, we do not recommend hugging him.