Quest for the Gauntlet Set Premiere

QUESTTime: Sunday, June 1st, Registration 1:00 pm, Deck build 1:30 pm

Format: Sealed, three rounds of swiss, each player receives a premiere box and five booster packs, along with a promo card they can use in their 30-card minimum deck.

Entry: $20

Payout: Each player receives a promo for entering, and wins an additional promo for each win(while supplies last). Additional store credit will be given out based on attendance.

We are also holding eight-man side events during this event!

– $12 8-player Single Elimination Standard Win-a-Box

– $12 8-player Single Elimination Booster Draft (6-4-1-1 payout)

This is a great way to get into the game. Stop in and get a free demo and a free deck or two! Also stop by our Duel Days on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm!

RSVP and talk about this event on Facebook!