Quest for the Gauntlet


QUESTKaijudo’s newest set, Guest for the Gauntlet, goes on sale Friday, May 30th.

This set ushers in 15 card boosters, up from 9, perfect for drafting.  As well as a rotating standard format!

Special Quest for the Gauntlet Release weekend prices:

Booster Box (36 Packs) $95

Booster Packs 3 for $9

Evolution Swarm Master Challenge Decks $10

Release weekend events:

Booster Draft – $15 – Friday 5/30 7:00 PM

Set Premiere Sealed – $20 – Sunday 6/1 1:00PM

Don’t forget we have the massively prized Quest for Gamer’s Gauntlet event on Saturday, June 7th.