Modern for FTV: 20 Top 8 Decklists

We are just days away from the Grand Prix here in Detroit, and it looks like our slew of Modern events designed to help players design and tune their decks has borne some juicy fruit; the lists from last weekend’s FTV: 20 event look promising. Speaking as the man who has to read and post all these decklists, saying that I like some of these lists probably means something! In the end, GG’s own Chase Cosgrove won an awesome FTV: 20 set, and a little glory as well, so congrats to him! Some other points of interest in the lists include Doug Procunier’s Spike Feeder/Archangel of Thune combo, giving Pod another way to infinite, and Dominic Miller’s eschewing of Cryptic Command in his Merfolk deck, taking the deck back to it’s Fish-style roots with cheaper, more tempo oriented spells to push across damage. The most interesting point of note from these lists, however, is the complete lack of respect from everyone for the Slippery Bogle, a card I have picked to do well this weekend. Don’t leave home without your Back to Natures folks.

Here are the Top 8 decklists from the event:

Don’t forget that we have two remaining Modern events before the Grand Prix coming up, including a one-time change of our weekly 6:30 FNM to Modern!