Magic 2015 Prerelease Events

Key-ArtPrerelease Events July 12-13

All events are $25 per player.

Each player will receive a prerelease kit to build their deck for competition, then play swiss rounds based on attendance.

Saturday July 12th

12:01 am Midnight Event *This event will be limited to 5 rounds of play, with prizes awarded to all players 4-1 and better*

10:00 am Early Riser Event

2:00 pm Gamer’s “Morning” Event

6:30 pm Tonight we dine on Garruk Event

Sunday July 13th

Noon Two-Headed Giant Event ($25 per player/$50 per team) FAQ

3:00 pm Last Chance Sealed

Release July 18th

There will be special promo cards for all FNM competitors

6:30 pm FNM Standard $5

9:00 pm FNM Draft $15 Three Rounds of Play with all records 2-1 and better receiving prizes.

Release Sealed on Saturday July 19th

12:30 pm Sealed with prerelease kits $25