Introducing Tiny Tuesdays


Most of you already know about the burgeoning Tiny Leaders Commander variant. For those that don’t, Gavin Verhey recently wrote about it in a Reconstructed article that appeared right on the front page of the official Magic site.

Go ahead and check it out. I’ll wait.

Yeah, it’s sweet, isn’t it? Gamer’s Gauntlet has been aware of Tiny Leaders for quite a while, and we’ve even held a few events for it. But this recent recognition by Wizards is a huge step in bringing the format to the masses, and we think it’s time to make Tiny Leaders a part of our weekly schedule:

Time: Tuesdays, 6:30 pm

Entry: Since we’re still trying to cultivate a community for Tiny Leaders, for now this event is just a meetup. If we see consistent interest, we’ll start running tournaments!

Format: Tiny Leaders Constructed. Please refer to this article by the originators of Tiny Leaders for the full rules. While this is still a meetup, feel free to play one on one or multiplayer!

Prizes: Once we start running events, the usual store credit prizes are on the table, but other prizes like sweet foils and custom art Generals are possibilities, along with (if there is enough support) a leaderboard that tracks performance!