HeroClix September-October Schedule

GG HC combo logoSeptember Schedule

10th – Standard Modern Age Constructed, 300 points, $5 entry.

17th – Alternate Universe Team Up Battle. All teams must have an even number of members. Each must be an alternate of another figure on your team. Such as two Superman figures would be legal. For this event treat all figures as unique. 600 point Golden with Feats and Battlefield Conditions banned. $5 entry.

24th – Team Battle – All teams must be Named Theme teams. 600 point Modern rules. $5 entry.

October Schedule

1st – War of Light Month Five, $30 entry.

8th – Team Switch Up, two 150 point Golden Age teams. Your opponent will pick one of them and add that one to his force, and then you will do the same. $5 entry.

15th – Out of Place, All figures on a team but one must come from the same universe. 300 point Modern rules, $5 entry.

22nd – Constructed/Sealed Flash Event , bring up to 150 points of Modern legal figures. Add five Flash gravity feed packs and build a 300 point team. No resources or relicsunless you open them. $20 entry.

29th – Halloween Bash, 300 point Golden Age force with a Halloween theme. There will be prizes for the Most Creative team instead of Fellowship. $5 entry.