Gunslinger Profiles

All three of these local professionals will be on site Saturday, October 18th during our 3rd Birthday Celebration Weekend! Come and chat with them about Magic, or bring your best deck and test your mettle. If you win a match against any of the gunslingers, you’ll win a prize!


Kyle Boggemes



2nd place at Pro Tour San Diego 2010

1st place Grand Prix Cincinnati 2014

9th place Grand Prix Minneapolis and Grand Prix Toronto

More than 60 lifetime pro points




Alexander John



4th place Grand Prix DC 2014

2nd place Grand Prix Worchester (teamed with Matt McCullough and Ari Lax)

Made day two cut at nine of 12 Limited Grand Prix lifetime





Ryan Hovis


Top 8 at Grand Prix Chicago 2012

Top 8 SCG Legacy Open Columbus 2013

Avid Birthing Pod enthusiast