GG Smash Series

GG smash

Gamer’s Gauntlet is proud to support the Super Smash Bros. community with the Gamer’s Gauntlet Smash Series, a series of events across multiple iterations of Smash Bros, including Smash 4 and Melee. There are events for both the serious competitor and the neophyte interested in breaking into the scene.

Make sure to check back on this page for the updated schedule, and for full details on how circuit events work, including the entire rulesets for all events, please check out our post on the SmashBoards!

Here is our current Smash Bros¬†schedule. Gamer’s Gauntlet opens at 10 am for these events, and typically stays open until about 8-9 pm to provide a full day of events and friendly games! All the links lead to our official Facebook event, which you should RSVP to!

With Vayseth stepping away, Dogma will be the man to contact for information.

January 31st

February 21st

March 6th