Free Kaijudo Demonstrations

Ever feel like everyone’s always playing the coolest games before you even know they exist? Do you finally learn a game only to discover your friends have moved on?

This time, it will be you ahead of the curve!

All this weekend, from May 23-25th, Gamer’s Gauntlet will be officially demoing Kaijudo, an awesome collectible card game from Wizards of the Coast. Our staff will be on hand to give you a personal demonstration, giving you all the knowledge you need to play the game. We’re even giving out free decks you can use to compete in our Duel Day events held every Wednesday!

QFTGWhy choose Kaijudo to demo? Well, not only is it a sweet game just coming into its own, but we have two major Kaijudo events coming up that you won’t want to miss out on. First, our set premiere for the latest Kaijudo set, Quest for the Gauntlet. It’s a Sealed event, so everything you need to experience the newest cards will be provided for you.

Second, on Saturday, June 7th, Gamer’s Gauntlet is holding an event that is attracting attention from all over the Midwest – the Quest for Gamer’s GauntletWe’re putting up an entire case of boosters in prizes up for grabs in addition to other prizes including unique Kaijudo playmats. Also, several of our in-house Kaijudo team will be present, and beating any members who are qualified for the Summer Championship will earn you a bounty of booster packs!

June is going to be a great month to be a Kaijudo player. New sets, big events, even the Summer Championships in Seattle that you can watch live online. Now’s your best chance to get into Kaijudo, so stop in this weekend and just ask for a demo!