Fate Reforged Prerelease Events

fate reforged

Individual Events

There are individual prerelease events running all weekend, and they are identical with one exception.

Entry: $30

Format: Fate Reforged Limited. Each player receives a prerelease kit from which to build a 40-card minimum deck. Basic lands will be provided. Swiss rounds based on attendance (midnight event is capped at five rounds)

Prizes: All prizes are based on attendance.

Time: Saturday, January 17th @ 12:05 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 6:30 pm. Sunday @ 3:00 pm. Registration begins one hour before each event’s start time.

Two-Headed Giant Event

Come play in our 2-HG event. You might get to play against Dan Gillis and his son, Gage “Got You Sucka” Gillis. It’s great value.

Entry: $60 per team

Format: Fate Reforged Two-Headed Giant Limited. Each team receives two prerelease kits from which to build two 40-card decks. Swiss rounds based on attendance. A single game is played using the 2HG ruleset to determine the winner of each match. An FAQ for 2HG can be found here.

Prizes: All prizes based on attendance.

Time: Sunday, January 18th. Registration @ 11 am, build @ Noon

Please RSVP to any or all of these events (for 2HG go here)on Facebook!