Draft Leagues Forming Now!

Eight-player Magic draft leagues forming now

League Structure

10 weeks in length, Tuesday nights, 6:30 pm
3 points for a win
1 point for a draw
3 matches per week


Deck Construction and Costs

The starting minimum deck size is 42 cards. Each week, this minimum increases by two. For example, on week four, after drafting, the minimum deck size is 48.

All cards not in a player’s deck are considered to be in their sideboard.

Week One, $25 Fee

Each player receives four boosters to start. After examining the contents, players draft two additional boosters before playing their matches.

Weeks Two – Ten, $10 per Week

For each of these weeks, players draft two boosters before play begins.

Players may opt to prepay for the entire league at the discounted rate of $105.

The boosters are selected randomly from our store stock. All cards will be in English.


1st – $150
2nd – $100
3rd – $75

All payouts are in store credit. In addition, at the conclusion of the league, all players keep all cards drafted during the league.

Additional Rules

If a player misses a week, they must draft their packs the next week. Matches during a missed week are considered forfeit.
Decks will be kept on location until the league ends.


Please contact the store to sign up.  Leagues will begin whenever there are eight players.