Demo Day: What Is It?

Demo Day is sort of a new feature here at A few weeks ago, I was brought on as a member of the team to organize, promote, and administer game demos. Since then, we’ve been developing a plan to make Demo Day a major event in the community scene, and I’m happy to finally be able to share it with you.

Demo Day will be every Sunday from 2pm-7pm. Each week, we’ll have a sizable stable of card and board games available for people to come in and play or learn to play, completely free of charge. In addition, each week we will choose a featured game, usually something very popular or very new. People who demo our featured game throughout the day will receive a discount if they purchase the game or accessories for the game that day. The schedule with each week’s featured game plus any other themes will be available here on the website, and also will be prominently posted in the store. Be sure to check back every few weeks to see if a game you’re interested in will be demoed in the future so you can get a discount on it!

This weekend is Grand Prix Detroit, and we’re going to be a little short-handed at the shop, so this Sunday’s Demo Day won’t have a featured game because I might not have the ability to sit down and run the demo properly, but we will have a sizable collection of games you can just ask to play with your friends or anyone else who attends. Of course, I can still give players a quick rundown of any game and answer any questions that might arise.

See you all Sunday!