Demo Day Blog #3: Krosmaster

Last week, I talked at length about drafting  the World of Warcraft TCG, and squeezing the maximum amount of fun out of games that are no longer actively supported. Tony Dudas spent roughly $10 on two booster boxes of the WoW TCG, which means a four man draft costs about $1.70. The draft we ran Sunday took about two hours, meaning each person enjoyed themselves for the length of an average movie for less than 50 cents, which seems like pretty good value to me. If enough people want to (and Tony is present Sunday) we’ll likely run another draft. Remember, no experience with the game is required, so just show up if you want to draft!

krosmasterAlso this week we will be showcasing a different game, one that I actually don’t know all that well, but seems super sweet. Krosmaster Arena was introduced to me by Kyle “Baby Bird” Hulett, and my initial impression of the game is a good one. It is a turn based strategy game, akin in some ways to video games like Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, and while you can play it online at the link above, it is also available as a board game. In Krosmaster, players assemble a team of figures with various traits and abilities, and beat each other up in an arena. If you think this sounds alot like other miniatures games like HeroClix, you’re right. However, this doesn’t make the game any less fun to play! It has a somewhat whimsical anime theme to the characters and lore, and also seems easier to get a feel for. Kyle was awesome enough to allow GG to demo his own personal copy, and although we won’t have any copies on-site for sale that day, it is still our featured game of the week, and any special orders for the game will be discounted as per usual!

If you want to get a leg up on learning the game, you can do what I did and play the tutorials available here. You have to create an account to do so, but it is totally free, and does a good job of teaching newbies the basics. I know I’ll be brushing up on the game on Sunday before our demos begin for the day.

Lastly, all our normal games are still available for play, including Fluxx, Dead Money, Ticket to Ride, and the ever-popular LoTR: Two Towers deck-building game. Everyone who gave feedback on the game after demoing it said they had a great time, so if you haven’t tried it yet, come out this Sunday and give it a go!

See you Sunday,