Demo Day Blog #2

With all the craziness surrounding the Theros prerelease events, our usual demo time was instead taken up by actual hundreds of people all enjoying the new set over the weekend. However, we have some extra awesome demos planned for this Sunday as we return to our normal schedule.

World of Warcraft TCG

It’s true that Cryptozoic officially announced last month that they are done producing the WoW TCG after 21 sets, but seemingly ‘dead’ games still have tons of fun in them, and they typically don’t cost nearly as much to play as the latest and greatest. Tony Dudas will be at GG this Sunday with two booster boxes of the WoW TCG, and we’re going to be running complementary drafts (Tony keeps the cards at the end of course) for anyone who wants to try out the game. I recall drafting WoW during it’s very first sets years back, and while the game has evolved over time, I imagine it’s going to be a ton of fun.

For those who have no idea what the WoW TCG is, here’s a very simple overview:

tomboftheforgottenPlayers take on the role of a character or creature from the World of Warcraft universe, and the cards available to players vary based on whether they are playing a Horde or Alliance character. Other ‘heroes’ are neither faction. In addition, most heroes have a class that allows them to play powerful cards exclusive to their type. Each hero has their starting health listed on their card. The goal of the game is to reduce the opposing hero’s health to zero using weapons, allies, quests, and other card types. We’ll be happy to teach you the game on site, and no prior experience is needed, but if you’d like to show up Sunday and just play without having to learn on-site, there is a pretty good explanation here.

Warmachine High Command

Since deck-building games seem to be the most popular type of game at Demo Day, our featured game of the week will be Privateer Press’ Warmachine High CommandThis game steps up the complexity level a bit by having multiple objectives to manage and multi-player politics, but overall, these additions seem to make the game more immersive, and well worth the few extra minutes it takes to learn the game. Also, High Command is our featured game of the week, so if you demo the game with us Sunday, you are eligible to receive a discount on your own copy!

high commandIn High Command, players assume control of one of several factions, each with their own strengths. In addition, each faction’s potential reserves (similar to the Center Row from Ascension) can vary from game to game because of the different combinations of warcasters players can choose from before the game begins. Each player begins with a basic deck of resources, and attempts to control various locations that are each worth victory points and provide bonuses to conquering forces. However, when two or more forces are both at a location, combat occurs using the varying damage and health values on each card. This is the key element that sets High Command apart from many deck-building games. The amount of interaction with other player’s decisions and cards demands attention from everyone during every turn because tuning your strategy to beat your opponent can make all the difference.

GG is also holding a Grand Prix Trial for GP Louisville on Sunday, so some of our normal gaming space will be occupied by this event. However, this also means that we will likely have many more people seeking demos or looking to have fun after the event or between rounds, so I expect this Sunday will be extra fun!

See you Sunday,