Small Biz Saturday

Small Business Saturday Specials 2018


Hours: Friday and Saturday Noon-Midnight

Magic: the Gathering

Magic Singles: 10% store credit kick-back on purchases of $50+

Rivals of Ixalan or Core 2019 Prerelease kit (6 Boosters and Stamped Foil Rare or Mythic) $18.87 ($26 regular)

Get a Rivals of Ixalan Booster Packs with every $50 spent on standard singles.

Buy a Commander 2018 Product get a 100 pack of Ultra Pro Sleeves (or upgrade to Dragon Shields or Eclipse for $6 more)

From the Vault: Transform or Lore $65

Rivals of Ixalan Booster Boxes $84.91 (Regular $144)


25% off GX/EX Boxes (Regular Price $20-$60)

Pokemon Build & Battle or Prerelease Kits $15 (Includes 4 booster packs, an evolution pack, a stamped foil promo, and PTCGO Code)

Premium XY Collections $50

Legendary Collection Shining Legends or Dragon’s Majesty Save $10

Pokemon Singles: 10% store credit kickback on purchases of $50+


YuGiOh Singles: 10% store credit kickback on purchases of $50+

YuGiOh Structures: Wave of Light or Pendulum Domination Three for $25 (Regular $10 each)

YuGiOh Cybernetic Horizons Special Editions Three for $25 (Regular $10)

YuGiOh Hidden Summons Booster Boxes $70 (Regular $96)

Dragon Ball Super

All Dragon Ball Super Starter Decks $9.99 (Regular $12)

Dragon Ball Super Draft Box III or Ultimate Box $65 (Regular $100)

Dragon Ball Super Singles: 10% store credit kickback on purchases of $50+

Other Trading Card Games:

Munchkin TCG: Base Set Booster Box $50 (Regular $96)

Munchkin TCG: Desolation of Blarg Booster Box (1st Edition) $60 (Regular $96)

Munchkin TCG: Fashion Furious Booster Box $60 (Regular $96)

Transformers TCG: Booster Box $90 (Regular $120)


Final Fantasy TCG: OPUS VII Booster Boxes $94.34 (Regular $144)

Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War Booster Display $40 (Regular $96)

Dungeons & Dragons

Save 10% on the latest D&D 5th edition books:

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage $49.95 ($45 after discount)

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist $49.95 ($45 after discount)

Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica $49.95 ($45 after discount)

Various D&D Pre Painted Miniature Boosters $15 (Regular $18)

Hobby Exclusive Cover Core Gift Sets $169.99 includes Player’s Handbooks, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master Screen, and a beautiful case for it all.

 Accessories & More

Buy an Ultimate Guard ARKHIVE or SUPERHIVE and the Boulder Deck Boxes to fill it and save 10% (Boulder 100+ or Boulder 80+)

Playmats 20% off

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers 50% off

POP! Buy two get one for 50% off

Board Games

Game of Thrones Catan  $65 (Regular $80)

Flip Ships $20 (Regular $40)

Professor Evil & the Citadel of Time  $30 (Regular $40)

TIME Stories get 25% off an expansion with base game purchase

Deadpool vs the World  $20 (Regular $30)

Superfight & Red Flags buy two expansions and Save $5 buy 3 or more and save $10

All Rick and Morty Games 15% off (Total Rickall, Pickle Rick Game, The Ricks Must Be Crazy, and more)

The Dark Crystal Board Game $35 (Regular $50)

Clank In Space $45 (Regular $60)


New Sales only.  Store Credit is not applicable to these specials. While supplies last.  Subject to change without notice. 11/23-24/2018