Black Friday & Small Biz Saturday

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Specials 2018


 Hours: Friday and Saturday Noon-Midnight

Magic the Gathering

Iconic Masters boxes $200 out the door ($188.68 + Tax)

Iconic Masters booster packs $9

From the Vault: Lore Box Set $50

From the Vault: Transform Box Set $70

Planechase Anthology Box Set $100

Special Buy-a-Box Treasure Chest Boosters. Free with any MtG Booster Box Purchase. Contents:
-One alternate-art, premium foil double-faced card from Ixalan
-Four rare or mythic rare cards from Standard-legal sets
-Two premium foil cards from any Standard-legal set
-Two premium foil basic lands by Rebecca Guay

Ixalan Prerelease Kits only $20

All Japanese Commander 2017 Decks $35 each

Magic Singles: 10% store credit kick-back on purchases of $50+

All FNM Standard and FNM Drafters will receive a raffle ticket for a FTV: Lore. Additional tickets will be available for $1 each. Raffle drawn at 9:30pm Friday.

Win a Nintendo Switch Console on Saturday!  Details here.


Pokemon Standard Boosters Packs 4 for $15

Buy a Pokemon “Collections” Box get a free Evolutions booster pack. (IE GX Box, Mythical Collection, etc)

Pokemon Singles: 10% store credit kickback on purchases of $50+

Pokemon Instant Collections now available – $14.99 contains 100 cards plus 2 ultra rares (ex or gx cards).


Secrets of Eternity Booster display $20

Dragons of Legends 2 Booster display $50

Yugioh Singles: 15% off on purchases of $50+

Board Games

We have Party Games for your holiday gathering!
-Cards Against Humanity
-Super Fight
-Red Flags
-Happy Salmon and more!

Flip Ships $30 (Reg $40)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer $30 (Reg $40)

Chocobo Crystal Hunt, buy the base game get 50% off the expansion.


Buy Tomb of Annihilation book get a Wiz Kids Tomb of Annihilation miniature booster free! (A $16 Value)

Get 50% a 7-Dice set with purchase of any D&D Next book.


Walking Dead Deck Boxes and Sleeves 50% off

$5 off any playmat on our rack!

Buy an Ultimate Guard Arkive and the Boulder Deck Boxes to fill it and save 10% (4x Boulder 100+ or 5x Boulder 80+)


10% off All Comic Trades (Paperback or HC)

Funko Pop! Figures Buy 2 SAVE $4

Final Fantasy TCG: Buy any Box get 2 random promos.


While supplies last. Subject to change.