6/27 – Grand Prix Detroit Warm-ups Team Trios Sealed

GP detroit

The Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Circuit is making its TRIUMPHANT return to Detroit this August. This time the GP features one most enjoyable formats of all time: Team Limited! Play all day next to your best chums for fame and glory. Since there are no Grand Prix Trials for Team GPs, we are bringing you TWO events previewing our hometown event.

Time: Saturday, June 27th. Registration at noon, build at 12:30 PM

Format: Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Team Trios Sealed, swiss rounds with cut to Top 4. The finals will feature a Team Draft.

If you’ve never played Team Sealed before, reference this post for more information.

Entry: $60/team of three ($20 per player)

Prizes: Gamer’s Gauntlet will pay the winning team’s entry to Grand Prix Detroit WITH VIP Status! Additional Prizes in booster packs based on attendance.

Grand Prix Detroit is brought to you by Professional Event Services.

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Our second Team Sealed event can be found here.