12/26 – FNM + SCG Open Trial

fnm trial banner The FNM on the day after Christmas has a bit of a kicker. It’s almost exactly like any other FNM you’ve ever attended, except that instead of just store credit, the prize structure will be bolstered as such:

1st – Voucher good for Free Entry into one SCG Open Series Event, Exclusive Open Trial Playmat, also potentially a non-transferable bye at a future SCG Open(have to confirm with SCG on this one)

2nd – Exclusive SCG Open Trial Playmat

3rd – Exclusive SCG Open Trial Playmat

4th – Exclusive SCG Open Trial Playmat

Additional Prizes: 4 Vouchers good for 1 month of free SCG Premium access

Store credit based on attendance will still be a part of the prize pool as well.

The only other change to this event is that it has a $10 entry fee, but with free SCG Premium, exclusive playmats, and free entry into an SCG Open, it’s well worth the extra $5.